Business matching with event analytics solutions – Gain the most out of each event you attend


Many of the attendees have one thing in common when they come to attend events – networking. While attendees know the importance of networking, many of them would find it difficult to determine whom they should meet and find common grounds with potential connections. The uncertainty and frustration many of your attendees feel towards networking create a huge opportunity for event planners to create extraordinary value at their events. Wearable beacon technology is the perfect tool to help your attendees create meaningful connections.

Before your event, you determine the criteria you want to use to create networking recommendations. Defined criteria can be job function, industry or department, geographical location, etc. For even more specific categorization, attendees can provide more information during the event registration process. This information can be used to create additional networking criteria and a list of suitable connections for each attendee.

When your attendees arrive, they receive a lanyard with a wearable beacon device attached to it. The beacon transfers the user profile information to the event application. By combining mobile event apps and wearable beacon technology, you can offer superior networking experiences to your attendees. Beacons know the attendees’ positions in relation to one another. Using that data, notifications can be pushed through the event app, to alert users when they are close to one of their matches. Event attendees don’t have to guess anymore about who to approach, and whether they are speaking to the right person. Pre-loaded profile information makes it easy for your attendees to find one another and make connections easily.

When an attendee is alerted that they are near one of their potential connections, they can use their event app to schedule a meetup. The attendee’s app shows their agenda, as well as their connection’s agenda, and displays time slots where they can schedule a meeting directly in their app. This way, in case the timing isn’t right, they can still connect later at a convenient time.

Event apps also provide event heat maps that let you know where at the event venue attendees spend most of their time. This insight can help you identify popular features exhibited and vendors, as well as improve the traffic flow of your event while preventing bottlenecks. Wearable beacons also give you a virtual view of your attendees’ movements and participation habits. Using real-time feedback, you can see trends related to popular and unpopular content real-time, make required modifications, and also plan upcoming events accordingly. Rightly leveraging the benefits offered by beacon technology, you can ensure improved engagement throughout an event derives maximum business benefits from the event.

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