Child safety in school buses – it’s time to take action


Sending a child to school by bus can be nerve-wracking for parents. From the moment a kid leaves home or boards the bus, parents start worrying about whether they are safe on the bus and whether they reached the school safely. Statistics by WHO says that 41% of deaths of children in India are because of a lack of transportation safety.

Technology comes to the rescue

While parents can’t travel with their kids every day, there are some applications that offer the next best solution. The apps let parents monitor their kids’ travel from the bus stop to the school and back again. These apps keep track of the child’s travel real-time and also give parents estimated arrival time. This can help in preventing a child from being left alone at the bus stop and can help parents avoid wasting time waiting for a bus that would be arriving late. These tracking apps can provide parents peace of mind to a great extent.

Beacon receivers can be installed on school buses. These receivers transfer children’s location information to parents via mobile apps so that parents can know exactly where their children are at all times. Knowing that a child is on the assigned bus and is traveling to the right location gives parents assurance and can also help to investigate if the children happen to be somewhere they are not supposed to be.

Technology solutions like EduPlus give instant alerts when any student boards or exits the bus. Was the child picked up on time this morning? Did he reach school on time? Was he dropped off at his assigned stop in the evening? Which students are on Bus 5 now? All these questions and much more can be answered by such solutions.

In addition to increasing safety, convenience, and accountability, these solutions also make a school bus fleet more profitable- all of which are things parents wish to hear so that they can be at peace about their children traveling in school buses. It’s time for schools across the country to utilize the wide range of benefits offered by such solutions.

Read more to know how eduplus ensure school bus safety.

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