Covid-19 or not, Eduplus has got you Covered…

The transition of going back to conventional physical classrooms from the presently market-dominating virtual learning platforms can be a tough decision to make for people across all aspects in the educational space. Parents might be apprehensive of sending their children back to school, still uncertain about Covid-19 and same is the case with teachers. Schools might be scrambling to make sure that all precautions and guidelines are met with to ensure safe beginning of operations. Either way, it is still uncertain as to when the pandemic will truly be over; but as for Eduplus, the solution is designed in such a manner that no matter what the situation is or will be, quality and interactive education can be imparted to students without any hassles.  

According to Hindustan Times, the Ministry of Human Resources Department (MHRD) is preparing standard protocols on safety, social distancing, and hygiene on school campuses as well as for online education amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

To ensure all of the above mentioned guidelines are strictly observed, Eduplus has been already equipped with innovative features that can effectively help monitor and also mitigate any future outbreaks while maintaining stringent safety measures. 

Features like Infection control, Hygiene and Touchless attendance make Eduplus,  the safest smart school management system available. To know more about these features in detail, do check out our previous blog, click here . 

For all the schools that are using Eduplus, it is nothing but a sigh of relief. What about your school? To get to know more about Eduplus, visit us at or contact us through Let’s talk about the digital transformation of your school in ‘real-time’.

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