Eduplus 2.0 rolls out new features in the wake of COVID-19

As COVID-19 has been devastating people’s lives, everyday activities of the general public have come to an abrupt pause. The halt in the operations of educational institutions has led Pinmicro to introduce new and innovative features to Eduplus 2.0 to enable the school managements, parents, teachers, and students to get back on track with the daily operations and learning with online class . These features are aimed at providing the best possible ways to function with higher efficiency and also at the same time maintain the necessary precautions on the premises.

The features have been listed below:

  • Virtual Classrooms – Owing to the lockdown, teachers can take classes virtually and students can join them. The best part is that the actual school timetable for every class will be followed as the schedule for conducting the online classes.
  • Infection Control – In an unforeseen situation where a child is reportedly confirmed with any kind of contagious infections and has been brought to the School’s notice, the path taken by the child while in school, including the children he/she has been interacting with can be all be monitored and obtained as qualitative data for mitigation purposes. 
  • Hygiene – Various sensors attached to hygiene stations in the school like sanitizing booths etc. will be constantly keeping monitoring how they are maintained by cleaning staff  and also monitors if the school staff, teachers and students regularly use them to ensure maximum hygiene and cleanliness in the premises
  • Touchless Attendance –   To automate attendance procedures and also prevent any unnecessary physical contact like Biometric scanners to control infection spread, this unique feature enables the attendance to be logged while students just walk in with their Smart ID cards into the classrooms. 
  • Simple and easy to use online class

We believe these features will effectively enhance the safety and security without compromising on holistic and quality education for the students.

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