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With mobile phones and other wireless devices taking over the world, marketing strategies have also gone considerable change when compared to the past years. Online shopping is slowly becoming the choice of most of the customers. So the need of the hour for all retail sales is to take up innovative ideas that would help them boost sales.


Proximity marketing is one such marketing technique that would help retailers to push advertisements to people based on their location. This method is bound to attract consumers especially in areas like shopping malls. Suppose a guy named Mr. X is out for shopping during his holidays. He might not have the intention to buy a specified product. It’s a holiday and he is out there to visit a shopping mall. Here he is a potential customer and the conversion of making him a customer is what should be focused on.

Our solution helps you exactly do the same. The beacon in the retail stores sends out signals to the smartphone of the customer while he passes through within a specified range of the store. Exactly then Mr. X gets notified through his smartphone about some of the finest offers that the store has in it for him. It makes maximum use of proximity marketing potential and from the customer’s perspective, it lets them pick the best deals.

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