M&A Integration Processes and Issues

In M&A it is essential to avoid damaging the value of the deal. It is therefore essential to spend time planning and develop your processes. I’ve observed that the most common issues are related to people: how they respond to change and how they resist it, and what they do when things don’t go as planned.

One of the main services we offer our clients is to help them set up a system that allows them to recognize possible issues early and react quickly to them. This can be achieved by holding weekly IMO meeting and functional work streams to assess the progress made and escalate issues and risks to the SteerCo.

When the strategy for dealing https://reising-finanz.de/ with issues is established It’s important to concentrate on the execution. That means making sure everyone knows what they’re required to achieve and how it will be measured, and by when. It also includes clearly publishing accountability (i.e. taking ownership of the final results) and decision-making authority for the entire integrated company.

It is vital to ensure that the CEO and top management are able to devote at least 90 percent of their time focusing on core business concerns and avoid getting distracted by integration activities. It’s an ideal idea to select an executive who will manage the Decision Management Office and coordinate work streams. It could be someone from the acquisition company, or it can be an emerging star within the newly merged company that has the backing of their boss to make this commitment.

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