Back to School: Smart and Safe

COVID-19 has been devastating everyday activities of the general public and this has led to a halt in operations of educational institutions. As things start getting back to the ‘new normal’, new and innovative features have been added to eduplus to enable the school management, parents, teachers, and students to get back on track with their daily operations and learning.

These features are aimed at providing the best possible ways to function with higher efficiency and also at the same time maintain the necessary precautions on the premises. Schools can not only eliminate avoidance costs of closing entire facilities (in case of potential infections) by leveraging advance contact tracing capabilities but can also minimize COVID infections by ensuring optimal density control, social distancing and effective sanitisation at various locations in the schools. Features like Social Distance, Live Temperature Monitoring and Touchless Automated Attendance ensures a very safe and secure transition back to physical classroom learning.

The best part about eduplus: #BackToSchool is that the schools who were already using eduplus won’t be facing any changes but on the contrary will be getting the latest updated features as a bonus. 

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