Near or far, Eduplus will keep the learning going on…

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

In India, schools have a greater significance than other parts of the world. The necessities in a school as expected by stakeholders is multi-layered. Schools have higher financial and emotional costs of managing the school along with the students whom they are entrusted with.

In the real world, teachers need more time to “Teach” but they have a host of other responsibilities they are entrusted with that range from attendance to other non-teaching activities. Similarly, school supervisors who are the non-teaching staff, have their own set of challenges to constantly track a whole range of stacked up responsibilities on their plate including safety, hygiene of everyone in the school and primary care amongst key responsibilities. Today’s parents also add a layer of complexity being technology savvy and wanting to have all their school communication and interactions regarding their child to be available on their fingertips. 

As a teacher who’s had an extensive career spanning more than 16 years in the Middle East and thereafter returning to India as an academic mentor and corporate consultant for schools and other educational institutions, I understand the vantage points and key areas through the lens of a teacher, administrator, parent and supervisors in the educational industry in India as well as abroad (“TAPS” – as I call it…) .The current situation has created a dire necessity for the creation of a school management system that can will cater to all the needs and expectations of every stakeholder in a school with ease and simplicity, while holding onto the principles of ‘Kaizen’ where a system is in a constant state of improvement with new features being continuously added along with room for customization for each school’s requirements.

Having worked with multiple school management systems through the years, in my changing roles as a parent, teacher and advisor to schools as well as to education councils, my prime objective that I look forward to in a school management system is that it must be worthy and also constantly evolving. I can say and recommend that eduplus is an all-in-one package that has capacity to solve all of the problems that I’ve mentioned earlier and that too by simplifying the day-to-day operations of schools globally.

Additionally, transparency is a much needed quality that needs to be in school management systems and eduplus fulfills the need to have technology support us in this Covid-19 era through features ranging from attendance management to virtual classrooms to student safety and hygiene management all done in a seamless manner. 

As for me, making that transition from being a client to a champion for eduplus, I know that this school management system, eduplus and the team working behind it has one core motive – a human centered design with the principle of ensuring that the ‘Teacher’ & ‘Students’ stay connected despite being contact free. 

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