BARK 2020 at Tokyo to deploy Pinmicro’s Eventplus

Yet again, Pinmicro will be deploying Eventplus, a proprietary IOT based live event analysis and management solution; and this time its BARK 2020, in the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. The event will be held in Tokyo on February 19th & 20th, 2020 and is a tech geek’s dream convention where like minds who share a passion for technology and entrepreneurship get together to discuss technology and the latest updates. The event will also feature eminent personalities from all over the world like founders, CEOs of huge conglomerates and startups who will be sharing their ideas and inspirations.

Pinmicro’s Eventplus platform will enable BARK organisers to efficiently oversee the entire event operations using a single consolidated real-time dashboard, as well as generating insightful reports like heat maps which show crowd concentration at different venue areas, statistical data like demographics, and time spent by people on specific event sessions. At BARK, Eventplus will be launching Business Matching along with live event analysis , an AI-driven feature to facilitate easy networking among students, startups, companies and investors at the event. Designed with advanced algorithms, Business Matching curates results based on various parameters like the industry domains, interests, investment capacity etc, and also includes a search feature to help the BARK attendees search for prospective networking opportunities in real-time. At BARK, Pinmicro will also be providing ticketing services using Ticketplus, a feature of Eventplus that makes scheduling, planning, ticketing, payment processing and marketing of events possible with a single click.

Get your tickets for BARK to be part of the global movement with TicketPlus, and experience a truly smart event with Eventplus. BARK 2020, powered by Pinmicro.

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