Sticker beacons are here!!

Beacons are normally small devices and they are able to emit tiny radio signals. BeaconPlus beacons come in nicely packages cases which are smart to look and easy to handle.


Further revolutionizing the concept, we have gone a step forward by introducing sticker beacons which are even smaller in size. Being smaller in size they can be handled even more easily without any loss in the actual functionalities of beacons. BeaconPlus stickers can be stuck anywhere of your choice without consuming much of the space.

BeaconPlus stickers consist of the same intrinsic features as that of normal BeaconPlus beacons. The hardware part remains the same and hence thereby replicating all the existing features of normal beacons. But with sticker beacons, you get the chance to use beacons for all kinds of location-based purposes as it can be attached to any objects without any constraints of size.

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