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How assistplus helped a Fintech company enhance its employee productivity

Assistplus RTLS
Smart Workspace
Key Highlights

  • Real-time monitoring of employees & assets

  • Automation of the workforce attendance

  • Tracking of time spent by employees at each area in the premises

  • Implementation of smart facility capacity utilization

  • Automation meeting rooms availability checking

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Our client is a Mumbai based fintech company focusing on online payment gateways. They have over 9 years of experience in the fintech sector which makes them a market leader in POS machines and they currently have a workforce of around 180 employees both in-office and remote locations.


Our client’s employees work on two different floors and the major issue they face is to find the availability of meeting rooms in real-time in addition to properly utilizing their office space. They were also in need of a solution to keep track of employees’ time spent in different locations in the office.
Solution Requirements

  • Automation of staff attendance

  • Employee productivity tracking system

  • Reliable method to analyze the time spent by employees in the office

  • Real-time reporting and analytics


Assistplus, our IoT based location and live analytics solution was implemented to track and monitor employees while entering their office premises. All employees were given Bluetooth smart ID cards and smart sensors called CloudSense were installed at selected points in the office. Bluetooth signals transmitted from smart ID cards will be picked up by CloudSense devices to the assistplus cloud in real-time which automated their attendance. In addition to this, the solution also generated real-time analytics like time spent in each location at the office and most importantly, the client was able to efficiently utilise the availability of meeting rooms and all of this was managed by the administrators through a real-time dashboard provided on both web and mobile platforms.

Through assistplus, our client achieved easy and fault-free attendance logs of their employees without any manual action and also saw an increase in the productivity of employees.

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