A new dawn for the future of events: eventplus online

Events make up an integral part of any person’s life, be it casual or professional. But what is so interesting about professional events is the immense potential it brings to the people who were part of the event to network, forge partnerships and also gain new leads for prospective new business deals. 

Capitalizing on this very idea, Pinmicro’s eventplus was created to maximize and assist all of the persons involved in an event which includes organizers, exhibitors and visitors. It was made possible through their pioneering IoT based RTLS technology to generate powerful reports and dashboards with which the users can effectively network, generate leads and meet potential clients in an interactive manner. 

With the recent events which rose up due to a novel virus, physical events were forced to be brought to a halt but this only prompted eventplus to adapt and evolve to a better version and more hybrid version of itself. Thus eventplus online was born and has been made even more attractive by making the solution run in a fully virtual environment with all of the powerful features and analytics that eventplus delivered.

Some of the very unique features of eventplus online are:

  • Ticketing & Customer Registration
  • Booth Setup & Product Management
  • Keynote & Live Workshops
  • Exhibitor & Visitor Data Management
  • Visitor Information Management
  • Intelligent Business Matching
  • Live Chats & Communication 
  • Multi Device Support and so much more…

To know more about eventplus online and how it can transform your events with real-life experiences, visit us at eventplus.io or drop in mail to sales@pinmicro.com

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