Real time information of occupancy in office premises !!

Consider a scenario wherein you are given the task to arrange a team meeting with your fellow team members. The task consists of letting others know about the meeting and also to check the availability of meeting rooms within your office space.

conference room

So how would you know whether the meeting rooms are free or not? Yes, the traditional way is to go there and check whether the room is occupied or not. What if the room is a bit far from your workstation? You are bound to waste a lot of energy by going back and forth. Another way is to enquire with your HR and push them with the task. That again would be a bit time consuming, considering the fact that they would also need to either move around or check with other members.

Beacon enabled solutions would let you know about occupancies of various places in your office premises through the beacons which are placed in there. So in just a couple of clicks, you would get to know which of the meeting rooms are available on a real-time basis. The same feature would particularly come in to help when you would like to find occupancies in various places like the canteen. Now, everything is at your fingertips in a smarter way.

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