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How assistplus helped a UK based company increase productivity by over 25%

Assistplus RTLS
Smart Workspace
Key Highlights

  • Automated attendance logging for employees

  • Implementation of employee productivity analysis

  • Tracking of time spent by employees at each area on the premises

  • Generation of detailed real-time reports and analytical dashboards on employee management, resource utilization, asset management etc.

  • Improvement of overall productivity by 25%

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Our client is a UK based production company focusing on plumbing pipes and bathroom fittings. They have over 22 years of experience working with customers from Europe, Asia and South America which makes our client a global leader in household plumbing and fittings.


Our client’s conventional ways to keep track of the employees’ attendance led to major human errors and due to this, they were unable to utilize employees’ time in an effective manner. They were also in need of a reliable method to analyze the time spent by employees in the office.
Solution Requirements

  • Employee productivity tracking system

  • Daily attendance recording system

  • Real-time reports and analytics

  • Automated staff attendance system


Assistplus, our IoT based location and live analytics solution was deployed to track and monitor employees while entering into the office premises. All employees were given Bluetooth Smart ID cards, and Smart Sensors (called CloudSense) were installed at selected points within the office. Bluetooth signals transmitted from Smart ID Cards were picked up by CloudSense devices and transmitted to the assistplus cloud in real-time. The solution helped automate employees’ attendance, obtain real-time analytics like time spent in each location through a real-time analytics dashboard provided to office administrators.

By implementing assistplus, our client achieved easy and fault-free attendance recording without manual action and achieved over 25% increase in productivity.
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